Twisted Irish Humor "Bailey" - SOLD

Roll the Rice "Lucky" - SOLD

Through Osmosis "Maizee" - SOLD

Salic Hellraiser "Lola"

Troth - SOLD

Poor O Rod "Vinny" - SOLD

Duke of York "Warbeck" - SOLD

Hermano Pilon - SOLD

On the Rocks - FOR SALE

Hez My Huckleberry "Finn"

Envoy's Last Run "Envoy" - SOLD

Santa Fe Kid - SOLD

King's Ransom "Louie" - FOR SALE

Hashtagfakenews "Storm" - FOR SALE

Shrimp A Two Fay "Shrimpy" - SOLD

Clink N Drink "Captain" - SOLD

Champagne Wishes "Charlie" - SOLD

Mr. Melvin "Melvin" - SOLD

Estrella - SOLD

Ellen has been an advocate for OTTBs (off the track Throughbreds) since she was a teenager. The second horse she ever owned was an OTTB named Big Bad Berry. Since then, she has owned and resold many OTTBs. She has made many connections with trainers and breeders throughout the years, which allows her to bring in quality horses from people she trusts. She has taken multiple OTTBs from straight off the track to competing at the upper levels of eventing. If you are in the market for an OTTB, whether straight off the track or a seasoned show horse, contact Ellen today to find the perfect match for you!

To read about some of Ellen's current and past OTTB success stories, click the pictures below!

Excessive Assault "Tiny" - SOLD

Pegasus Eventing

OTTB Program

Off the Track Thoroughbreds

Two Step Program "Tito"

Summer's Due "Sparty" - FOR SALE

Marisparkles "Sparkles" - FOR SALE

Big N' Broad "Mr. Big" - SOLD

Pegasus Princess "Princess"

Mortgage Lifter "Tom" - SOLD

Breakin' All the Rules "Zara"

Bully's Date "Calvin" - SOLD