Salic Hellraiser

2013 mare

NTHJC Texas Rose Horse Park - March 2018

September 2018 - Sold to Zoe in Houston to be a Hunter

First Arrived - 2016

September 2018

October 2017

Jumping Lesson - September 2018‚Äč

Black Star Dressage Schooling Show Dec 16, 2017

**First time off the property**

Pegasus Eventing

Snowdonia Farms Combined Test - June 2018

Texas Rose XC Schooling - March 2018

Lola is a 2013 16.1h mare formerly known as The Law is the Law ( Salic Law - Derby's Hellraiser by I'ma Hellraiser)
Lola raced 7 times, finishing 3rd once and earning $2,795. Ellen purchased Lola off the track as a 3 yr old. Lola started as a sale project, but has now earned her spot on Ellen's string. They are moving up the levels with hopes of making it to the upper levels.